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About Us

Gore’s Phillips 66 was started in 1939 when Floyd Gore opened a small building next door to the home that he and his wife Lillian lived in. Their children, Nolan, Alton, and Andrea grew up helping their father with his service station. In 1966, Alton continued the family tradition and he and his wife Lavon ran it for a number of years. Their boys Tony, Gary, & Marty also grew up helping with the family’s business. The station remains in the family, with the 3 sons as the owners. Each of their children have also been active in the station.

All Your Travel Needs

Offering 14 gas pumps for automobiles, 8 pumps for semi-trucks and available parking for both, we welcome all travelers. While you fuel take advantage of all our food, beverage and vehicle supply options. We strive to offer a clean, comfortable facility that meets everyone’s needs. Gore’s even offers a nursing lounge with all the amenities necessary for a mother and her young children.

With one Phillips 66 gas station locally owned and operated in Seiling since 1939, we’ve expanded on our experience and are excited to announce the opening of a 2nd location to offer more options for both local and new customers.

Convenience Found Here!

Whether you’re on a long road trip or just passing through to the next town, Gore’s Travel Plaza offers convenience, cleanliness and all the services you need in one place. We have it all from spacious parking (up to 105 semi parking spaces available), car wash, snacks, coffee and any other food or beverage item to keep you going, and it’s all available for an affordable, low price!